Ep. 5 The Camps family - James (Slim) and Portia. Credit is Life: Slim and Portia share their RESET results!

Episode #5

The Camps family - James (Slim) and Portia - are very much like other families these days. Going through their education, they learned little about practical money handling, finances, and credit. When they hit a financial bump in the road, they were at a low point, and their credit reflected it. They had strong faith in God and prayed that He would show them what to do. 

They tried several credit repair agencies with no lasting results. In a chance meeting with a childhood friend, they discovered a program that he endorses called the Reset Program. The Reset Program has had outstanding results for many of its students in teaching the whys and wherefores of getting and keeping good credit. Through that process, these students have increased their personal and business financial power and raised their credit. 

The Camps signed up for the Reset Program, and after only 60 days, their credit has improved to such an extent that Slim has been able to expand his business, and the Camps are looking forward to buying their dream home! 

Besides the quick results and outstanding financial education, Slims cites the Reset Program's dedication to treating people in a godly way, supporting the family, and working for the client, not just for a paycheck. He and Portia have hope for their future and their dream of creating a legacy of proper financial education and generational wealth for their family. 

Contact the Reset Program today at CreditisLife.com! Slim and Portia are so glad that they did!

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